• Med 160

    MED 160, park v square

    In our final project for this course, my partner Jor and I created a montage piece which compared the two of the most important, yet unique pieces of NYC. Central Park, a place where many New Yorkers find a few moments of solace and peace and Times Square, where the party’s at! We tried to share our experiences at both locations with a mixture of framing and filming techniques with special attention to the meanings of shapes and the way angles can tell a story. Moreover, my partner Jor, enhanced the experience with music to add texture to our scenes.

  • Med 160

    Med 160, Jor Audio Interview

    In this project, I interviewed my classmate, Jor, on his journey to coming back to education in his late 30s after almost a 15-year break and how his life as a gay man who belongs to a…

  • Med 160

    Med 160, Assignment #2

    For my sound assignment, I went to the DUMBO area and took a stroll through the residential area before finally seating myself in front of the water overlooking the city at sunset. It’s been a while since…

  • Med 160

    Med 160, Creative Statement

    Nothing fascinates me more than the human experience and being able to communicate it in a way that incites an emotional response from someone who never went through it. I hope to create art of every form…

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    Room 503

    Dimly lit, tucked far into the corner of the 5th floor of the Hunter College North Building, Room 503: Journalism Lab fights against sleep to pursue conversations of literary craftsmanship. The dark shadows of the night creep…

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    #sadafayazwrites On Perfection

    October 09, 2018 I’m someone who is subconsciously wired with an obsession with perfection whether it is internal or external and there are times when I beat myself over for slipping up. This mentality, at my highest…