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Fiverr A Year of Do Campaign

had the humbling opportunity to be a part of the Fiverr A Year of Do Campaign shot by Platon! You can see my video above and watch my ad on the subway!  2018 has been a crazy ride of self-realization and development. I can pin down 2018 as the year in which the quotes that I had saved, the ones that sounded really nice, began to make real sense. I’m taking chances, and building new habits while also getting rid of old ones. Indeed, thus far, I have made 2018 a year of taking emotional risks.

Take the risk. Take the chance. Put your heart and soul into it, because when you put your soul into it, you will become what you’ve always dreamed. You yourself will become a legend.

A huge shoutout to Fiverr for doing advertising right. I had no idea what the ad would look like and I was incredibly nervous about the outcome. It’s hard to see hijab-wearing Muslims portrayed as just normal Americans. But, Fiverr saw me as a normal American and chose a quote (by the way not something I said, but TOTALLY my motto of 2018) that showed absolutely no context of race or religion.

THIS is what we need.

THIS is what acceptance looks like.

THIS is what understanding looks like.

Thank you, Fiverr!



Welcome to the Year of Do – our yearlong commitment to champion the entrepreneur in us all, and enable our global community to do more every day.

Make a commitment to yourself and we’ll make a commitment to you. Learn more about The #YearOfDo and how to take action at www.fiverr.com/year-of-do.

In 2017 we started the revolution. Now it’s time to commit to the cause.

Fiverr is the marketplace for doers – freelancers and entrepreneurs who are breaking the mold and redefining what it means to get work done, a global community of action-oriented doers.

Doers with a core built around hustle and ingenuity that build businesses out of nothing and leverage Fiverr to accomplish their dreams.

Doers are restaurant owners and work-at-home moms and freelancers and young entrepreneurs and digital nomads and e-commerce website owners and bloggers and social influencers and personal trainers and anyone else who acts rather than only talking or thinking.

Our mission is to build a global community that champions the entrepreneur in us all.

How, you ask? We built the world’s largest community of creative professionals that can deliver any service to accomplish any need you have. From design to development, voiceover to animation – Fiverr has you covered.

Have what it takes to be a doer?

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