#sadafayazwrites On Happiness and Self-Appreciation

July 1st, 2018

Sometimes I get caught up with the idea of happiness. But as I’m getting older and experiencing the world minus the protective arms of my parents—both experiencing successes I never imagined and losses I don’t think I was (or anyone can be) prepared for, I’m realizing happiness is not the award at the top of the mountain. It can’t be.

I think I’m realizing that happiness and bliss does constitute of is all the ups and downs. Finding downs that highlight the ups in your life you never appreciated before.

I’ve noticed I tend to overlook my hard work at times and forget the struggle I’ve gone through to achieve whatever I have right now. I tend to forget all that I have made progress on. Perhaps because I’m so focused on moving forward. Which isn’t a good thing nor bad, in my opinion. But it does become bad when you don’t allow yourself to experience the journey. Which I haven’t allowed myself to do since the first biggest success of my life. I still don’t think I’m worthy of being called an author. I still cringe when I hold a copy of my book. I surprisingly tend to overlook the appreciation people give me for what I’ve done in a way that when I look back to it I’m amazed. I still think I haven’t achieved anything yet. I thank people for their praise but never let myself really appreciate the praise because I think I have so much more to achieve. And I think THAT part of the moving forward mindset is bad. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’m working on it right now.

And I know I can’t possibly be the only one experiencing this so thought I’d share this. Maybe you’ll take a moment to realize how far you’ve come despite I much further you have to go. Take a moment to high-five yourself and take a moment to relish in all that you HAVE achieved because even if you are now able to wear something or say something or be something that you never would’ve dared to years ago, you’ve done a GREAT deal. Take a moment to turn that journey into your bliss. You deserve it. And at the times that you’re in your lowest, pull that feeling out to keep you moving forward. You can’t hear enough of these reminders. #sadafayazwrites

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