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    Solo Flights of Freedom

    By Sadaf Ayaz Fatima Shafi pulls on her tailored black blazer adorned with golden wings and stripes. She places her polished black pilot’s hat over her dark hair, which is pulled into a tight bun in the back. In a few hours she’ll be flying a commercial jet from New York to Los Angeles. At 35, Fatima is one of the youngest female captains in the Delta Airlines fleet. A decade ago, she was the first woman in history of the Pakistani Air Force to fly an F16 fighter jet.  Today, Fatima lives on the 23rd floor of a modern highrise on the Upper East Side. Her view is  just…

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    REV 21 Media: What it looks like to run a small media company in today’s data and algorithm-driven structure.

    Sadaf Ayaz Media 332 Final Paper ACCOMPANIED PRESENTATION: REV 21 Media is a platform made especially by minority youth to share their opinions on the cultures, religions, and identities that define them. It was made to build bridges between different people with different ideas through positive conversations and enticing engagement of audiences which were unlikely to search for the content with a trendy and fun appearance. Built as a business, REV 21 was made to provide a seat at the table for all those who felt voiceless. One of the reasons why I thought this was something I could do was because of my own background in writing. I had…

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    Room 503

    Dimly lit, tucked far into the corner of the 5th floor of the Hunter College North Building, Room 503: Journalism Lab fights against sleep to pursue conversations of literary craftsmanship. The dark shadows of the night creep shyly through the cracks in the plastic black shades, as if reminding the students once again they could be in bed. Yet, they proceed as if the night has not yet arrived. Trying hard to forget the two hours that remain still for the class. Sixteen or so students type away on their laptops with the background of eighteen desktops on grey desks circling the room. All but two, display screensavers of a…

  • Colin Miller by Bryant Park
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    Bryant Park: A Metropolitan Park in the City of Lights

    In the heart of Midtown where work meets leisure, hundreds saunter into Bryant Park. Naked trees loom ahead with branches entangled into one another, fencing the park and the memories within it. In a place in the city where elaborate buildings made of glass, bricks, stone, and metal scrape through the sky and fill every avenue, nature makes its own fashion statement of classic, fabulous, light brown simplicity, nestling itself comfortably within the muted color palette of the city. New Yorkers and tourists alike come alone, in pairs, and groups. Some are dressed in professional attire with a pretzel in one hand, a briefcase in the other, and a friend…

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    Fiverr A Year of Do Campaign

    I had the humbling opportunity to be a part of the Fiverr A Year of Do Campaign shot by Platon! You can see my video above and watch my ad on the subway!  2018 has been a crazy ride of self-realization and development. I can pin down 2018 as the year in which the quotes that I had saved, the ones that sounded really nice, began to make real sense. I’m taking chances, and building new habits while also getting rid of old ones. Indeed, thus far, I have made 2018 a year of taking emotional risks. Take the risk. Take the chance. Put your heart and soul into it, because…

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