on the things we forget…

Crossing Red Lights book cover first draft circa 2013

Do you ever suddenly remember how much you used to love something that is barely a part of your life now?

Somehow or another I completely forgot there was a time when I couldn’t stop myself from creating. I would paint, color, draw whatever I could. I would sew together impractical pieces of clothes for myself from old clothes. I’d make my own jewelry, spend day after day practicing Mehndi on myself, my sisters, and anyone with an hour and a clean hand. Art was a way of living.

Creating and expressing through art was a means of being for me. As I got older art only played a practical use in my life. Drawing and coloring only when needed like creating my own book cover or designing a dress I HAD to get my mom to make for me. And maybe if I look closer, perhaps it did sometimes sneak into my outfits.

I wonder sometimes how it slowly stepped out of my life.

How something I loved so inherently could suddenly become a long and forgotten memory. I promised myself I would be more purposeful with the things, people, and mentality I would allow to enter or renter my life.

And you bet art is coming skipping with me in 2019.

Time to become friends again.

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