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    Solo Flights of Freedom

    By Sadaf Ayaz Fatima Shafi pulls on her tailored black blazer adorned with golden wings and stripes. She places her polished black pilot’s hat over her dark hair, which is pulled into a tight bun in the back. In a few hours she’ll be flying a commercial jet from New York to Los Angeles. At 35, Fatima is one of the youngest female captains in the Delta Airlines fleet. A decade ago, she was the first woman in history of the Pakistani Air Force to fly an F16 fighter jet.  Today, Fatima lives on the 23rd floor of a modern highrise on the Upper East Side. Her view is  just…

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    Fiverr A Year of Do Campaign

    I had the humbling opportunity to be a part of the Fiverr A Year of Do Campaign shot by Platon! You can see my video above and watch my ad on the subway!  2018 has been a crazy ride of self-realization and development. I can pin down 2018 as the year in which the quotes that I had saved, the ones that sounded really nice, began to make real sense. I’m taking chances, and building new habits while also getting rid of old ones. Indeed, thus far, I have made 2018 a year of taking emotional risks. Take the risk. Take the chance. Put your heart and soul into it, because…

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    NEXT GEN: Spotlight on Sadaf Ayaz /December 18, 2017

    Spotlight on Sadaf Ayaz /December 18, 2017 Meet Sadaf Ayaz – the author of two bestselling books and the CEO and Founder of Rev Media, her heart for storytelling has enabled her to connect with hundreds via the written word. You’ve authored two books now. What is your advice to someone who wants to start writing one but doesn’t know where to start?  Plan it out and stay persistent! Writing a book is not easy by any means but my sisters and I were all able to hack the process to publish our first books before the age of 15. In fact, my younger sister, Huda Ayaz, published her first book in 4th…

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    THE MUSLIM VIBE: Meet the young Muslim sisters who became published authors

      The modern version of the Bronte sisters have emerged from the new generation of young Muslims. Sadaf, Huda, and Maliha Ayaz are Pakistani American girls whose work has gained recognition all over the world. Their books are now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retail and online stores. Q: It’s not everyday we see young creative writers such as yourselves get their novels published, especially not a family of them. It really is a pleasure to meet you girls. May you each please introduce yourselves and tell us about your books? Sadaf: My name is Sadaf Ayaz and I am a 15-year-old freelance editor and writer as well…

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    THE TAB: Meet Sadaf Ayaz, 17-year-old published writer and Hunter student

    Hunter College  READ ORIGINAL HERE Meet Sadaf Ayaz, 17-year-old published writer and Hunter student SELENA BARRIENTOS You were still in high school Sadaf Ayaz knows what success on the big stage looks like. Ayaz is a sophomore at Hunter College, a published author and she’s only 17-years-old. “I skipped two grades—once in elementary school, and once when I did 11th and 12th grade in one year,” Ayaz said. “People are usually surprised when they find out and immediately want to know how it happened. Some even label me as a genius, but I skipping grades is not due to being a genius but working hard.” The 17-year-old, and self-diagnosed chocoholic…

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    THE US REVIEW OF BOOKS: Crossing Red Lights Review

      Crossing Red Lights by Sadaf Ayaz Virgo eBooks Publishing book review by John E. Roper “I heard rain. I felt rain. I pulled away and I finally was able to use my hands. I ran them halfway through my hair then pulled as I screamed.” When making a sword a skilled craftsman must choose not only how much heat and stress to place on the metal but also the right moment and water temperature to quench it. His decision determines whether or not the sword becomes hard and brittle or a weapon that will be strong and lethal in battle. Severe trauma often works the same way in a…

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