There are few experiences comparable to running your fingers along book spines on a shelf, picking up the one thats written in your destiny, cracking it open, and allowing it to permanently imprint your soul.

Although I’ve mostly shifted to practical audiobooks these days, I miss the feeling of burning daylight by the window, eyes glued on the pages, body and mind moving in sync to the words and emotions of characters who felt like best friends.

Most of all, I miss that fundamental shift in perspective. Like one layer of filtered lenses were removed. That moment of clarity when you realize that you and the character are one and the same. Our worlds are the same.

In honor of World Book Day I looked through the books that held a special place in my heart and I felt like I relived chapters of my own life. These stories and characters are interwoven with the person I used to be. A person I’ve kind of left behind. I don’t know if that makes me happy or sad, but its certainly made me pause…books are so much more than bound pages of words strung together.

(btw some books above are not like the rest 😉) 

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