#Ayazsisters: Meet My Sisters!

Several people already know this, but if you don’t you’re in for a surprise. It’s an honor to introduce you to the true talented stars of my family: Huda Ayaz and Maliha Ayaz. These two girls never fail to inspire me and have always been my truest support systems in every way.

More than that though, Huda and Maliha are incredibly talented and intelligent young ladies. At only 15 and 16, between the two of them, they have published 8 books. Together, the three of us have published 10 books. Even before I believed in possibly publishing a book, Huda and Maliha had already gotten to work writing their books at just 8 years old. In fact, Huda was the first to publish a book in our family.

Jean and Jeff at Faith Grind Inspire Podcast met my lovely sisters at an event and invited them for a fun interview on their sets at Madison Square Garden.

Please take a moment to listen to these wonderful ladies!

Imagine this: you are a published author of several books being sold worldwide with a major motion picture being developed for an animated series. Wow, right? Now picture this you wrote and published your first book when you were 9 years old. Oh wow! This week’s guests are Huda and Maliha Ayaz, two sisters who will amaze you with their drive to connect with an audience emotionally. After listening to this #faithGRINDinspire episode, you will be inspired to grind with all the faith in this world.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to them!




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