Slowly withering away…

You ever wake up one day, sit up from sleep, and then fall back in bed in defeat? You know you’re far too young to be feeling this way, but every cell in your body feels like its slowly withering away.

There used to be a stream of electricity that flowed through your blood. Pushed and pulled through your veins and capillaries with the fuel of passion. The dreams you saw at night, your body knew for certain were meant to be your reality in the morning.

But then that one day comes when you fall back in your bed and you feel like your RBCs are lagging through the streams. Surviving not because they want to but because they are forced to. The neurons in your brain send weak signals amongst each other. The chemistry is bland the electricity meek. 

It feels like a petty privilege to demand the right to lead the life of your dreams when there are people who demand the right to eat. 

Yet, theres a part of you that feels like its tearing in half. Separating from the soul that helped you breathe. 

You wonder, are human rights weighed on personalized scales or do we all stand on a universal spectrum that  renders us helpless?

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