#sadafayazwrites Be Brave

June 11th, 2018

Hey, you.

Be brave. In those moments of self-doubt and those moments of fear. Be brave.
Eff it. Go out there. Face them head on. Eye to eye.

And then keep at it.

Be brave.

You have more than what you think you’re capable of.

You are more than good enough. Don’t settle. Fight.

Be brave.

Believe in you and your dream, and all that you one day hope to be.

Be brave.

You are extraordinary and phenomenal. Resilient and beautiful. Strong and intelligent.

It’ll all pass.

Let go of everything that holds you back. Cut it all out. Cut them all out.

Be brave because all you need is you, yourself, and those you know love you. Good vibes only. To anything else, say goodbye. It’ll hurt for a while but you’ve got what it takes to carry on.

Be brave.

Because it’s okay.

Give it some space and let it all happen lightly. Slowly. Naturally.
Be brave.

Breathe deeply. Live deeply. Love deeply. Grow deeply.

Be brave.


Just be.

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